TweakRAM is a random-access memory (RAM) optimization tool for Windows
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TweakRAM is a RAM optimization tool for Windows. It is an application that can effectively monitor and optimize the amount of free RAM in your system to make your whole system faster and more responsive. This application will be more valuable to users who don't have a lot of RAM installed and available and to whom a single megabyte of RAM might make a difference. The rest of the users will probably not benefit from this tool.

When you run TweakRAM it will ask you to choose a memory mode. There are two: AutoFree, or Try to free 1MB. I tried the AutoFree mode on my system. I had 104 megabytes free before the test and 105 after the test. It is not a big difference when you have 100 megabytes available.

Apart from freeing memory, TweakRAM can also be used as a sort of very basic system monitor. It shows the CPU usage, memory usage, free memory, and swap file usage. I like the fact that you can set TweakRAM to carry out memory freeing operations at regular intervals. So you can leave it running to get the most out of your RAM.

José Fernández
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  • It can free some memory
  • Good scheduling options


  • Marginal gains in free memory
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